The club was formed officially in the early/mid 1970s by a group of enthusiastic local riders under the guidance of Dave Litle. Prior to that, riders used to meet at Dave's property, just east of Collie, to learn and enjoy the style of Western Riding.

The club's beginnings were small but enthusiastic and it was soon flourishing. We acquired the present grounds in the mid 1970s and with true determination turned an old railway foundation into the present day riding arena. The area had been improved and rebuilt several times over the years which has resulted in the fully drained, irrigated and lit arena that we enjoy today.


We are a non-for-profit, non-professional horse riding club dedicated to the promotion, improvement and presentation of the style of Western Riding. However, you don't need a cowboy hat to be a member of our club. All breeds of horses are welcome, along with any type of saddle or bit you come to ride in. We expect all horse gear to be well looked after and in good condition.

Our ground is sitated at the Wallsend Ground in Collie which is bounded by Coombes Street, Bridge Street, and the Collie River - entrance from Coombes Street, near the bridge (click here for map).

In the winter months when it is cold and gets dark early (yes, we know Collie!) club days start at 1.00pm, and during the summer months we switch to evenings, starting at 6.00pm, riding under lights. We also have a barbeque afterwards during these warmer months.

We also have a schooling program available (conditions apply) before club days start, if you are keen to improve your skills or would like to learn something new. You are never too young or old to learn.


The club runs 3-4 training clnics thoughout the year. These clinics/schools are a great way to improve your riding and horse training techniques, whatever your discipline of riding, and are conducted under the guidance of some of the best horse trainers and riders in the country. Over the years we have had trainers come over from the Eastern States on many occasions, and our club is well known to many people over there. Some of these trainers have competed at international level and some have also worked with top class trainers worldwide.